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Speed Parts 4 Less was founded to help bring high-quality performance auto parts to all kinds of drivers.

Whether you’re a Daily Driver who primarily uses the car for going to and from work,  a Weekend Warrior who likes to take long drives and tinker with improving the power and ride of your car, or a you’re a Speed Racer who spends his weekends at the track or strip, we’ve got you covered.

Speed Parts 4 Less was created in an effort to allow us to provide you, our most valuable customer, with what we feel are the very best value orientated performance brands and parts available today. Over the years we have spent far too much time looking for the right parts from the right distributor at the right price. If you can relate to that, you are in the right place.

Using our collective experience in the automotive aftermarket will allow us to bring to you brands that we know are quality performance brands with excellent standards in customer support. These are things that are important to us as consumers and we feel that if we can pass this value on to you we have done our job well. Our ultimate desire is to help you get your vehicle up to the standards that you are looking for with less effort, less pain, less time and less work. Please let us do that for you.

If there is something that you would like us to look into that we could add to our list of offerings please let us know. As we move into the future together we are going to rely on your direction to help us better serve your needs.

Thank you for the opportunity to be your performance parts supplier.

Speed Parts 4 Less, LLC

4199 Main St

Unit D2

Perry, OH 44081