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Clutches. The clutch is an important component in your vehicle’s driveline in determining how well it uses the power your engine makes to get and keep your car moving. Clutches are also a “wear” item much like brake pads, and may need to be replaced periodically depending on your vehicle usage, driving style and overall mileage. Your clutch may also need to be replaced or upgraded when doing performance modifications that add more horsepower and torque to your vehicle, as clutches have specific power handling capabilities and limitations determined by their design and the materials they use. Whether you’re just driving from point A to point B, or you’re trying to set a new track record, it is very important to choose the correct clutch for your specific vehicle and driving needs.

The main determining factors in choosing the right clutch for you include:
• What vehicle are you driving? (Vehicle make, model, engine size and transmission style)
• How much power does your car produce? (Actual horsepower and torque output numbers are best)
• How do you use the vehicle? (Daily driver, occasional racing, track only, etc.)
• How do you want the car to drive/feel?

Speed Parts 4 Less can help you find the right clutch to fit your needs! Just contact us if you need help, and be sure to check out our descriptions of the various clutch levels/performance levels we offer; including “Daily Driver”, “Weekend Warrior” and “Race Ready,” and also check the specific description of each clutch to find the one that is right for you.

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